Tuesday, May 23, 2017

The Crossroads Trilogy Soundtrack (Songs I Had On Replay While Writing The Books)

1. Limbo Limbo Limbo - Jhene Aiko

2. Fear - Rachel Diggs

3. The Devil Within - Digital Daggers

4. Close Your Eyes - Digital Daggers

5. Fight For You - Pia Mia Feat. Chance The Rapper

6. Is Anybody Listening - Danity Kane

7. All Around Me - Flyleaf

8. All You Wanted - Michelle Branch

9. Don't Hold Your Breath - Nicole Scherzinger

10. Rise and Fall - Adventure Club Feat. Krewella

11. Sailing Not Selling - Jhene Aiko Feat. Kanye

12. Alive - Krewella

An Excerpt From A New Beginning

Kelly closed her eyes while the rain continued to drench her body. The rain slowly blended in with the tears that fell from her face. She hated crying but anytime she thought of Leena she’d always lose herself.
“Kelly,” she heard a familiar voice say. She opened her eyes and frantically looked around but didn’t see anyone. Then, she heard the voice behind her.
“Kelly?” She slowly turned around and gasped.
“It hasn’t been that long since we’ve seen each other, has it?” Leena asked. Kelly blinked. She had to be seeing things. But here was a soaking wet Leena Davidson standing before her with brown hair clinging to her body. She still appeared to be very thin but her jeans and sequined blouse (although wet) looked as if it had been tailored to fit her body.
Kelly could feel herself taking a step back. She’d never believed in ghosts before and couldn’t believe that she was actually seeing her dead sister. “But you can’t be here.” For a moment, she looked away from Leena and then turned to look at her again and took another step back. “You’re supposed to be in the ground.” She shuddered. “All dead people are supposed to be in the ground.”

Thursday, May 18, 2017

An Excerpt From Life After Natalie

She didn’t tell them that she’d been given the nickname “The Hattiesburg Baby Killer” while she was behind bars. She didn’t tell them how she was threatened on a constant basis, how scared she was, or that she barely slept at night. She closed her eyes wanting to forget about all of that and pretend as if it had never happened but she couldn’t. The public wasn’t going to let her forget about it.

An Excerpt From Life After Natalie

It felt awkward to walk back into the house that no longer felt like a home. It even felt awkward being around her mother knowing that she’d slept with Rob Alderson, countless other men, and broke her father’s heart—not to mention being in the same room with her. But Leena Davidson was determined not to let any of that get to her. She deserved to be happy. Besides, she’d been through a hell of a lot more than her mother, father, or sister in these past several months.

Friday, May 5, 2017

Life After Natalie

Tomorrow was a day that she didn’t want to come—a day that she didn’t want to face.

Monday, May 1, 2017

The Villians of Cami's Decision ~ Leena & Kelly Davidson

You might love them...
The two sisters may hate everyone around them, but they have a sisterly bond that can't be broken.
Or you might hate them...
The narcissistic sisters will bully and treat people as horrible as they please. Money can buy them everything after all since they are the Davidsons.

Leena and Kelly's Sense of Style

An Excerpt From Cami's Decision

She felt someone bump into her as they walked past her. She slightly turned her head to the side and saw an evil grin on Leena’s face. “Oops, sorry,” she said in a very non-apologetic way.
Just then Kaci walked down the hallway and bumped into Leena nearly knocking her over into another fellow student. “Oops, sorry,” Kaci said to her with a frown. Her sister was pregnant for crying out loud. What was wrong with Leena Davidson? Did she have nothing better to do but bother people all day long?
“Why you little…”
“You do realize,” Kaci began, cutting her off, “that my sister is pregnant.”
Students were out and about trying to get to class and there were a few teachers around but none that were close enough to hear what was going on. Although Leena could’ve easily put Kaci in her place, she declined since they were out in the open around so many people.
“I don’t care if she’s pregnant,” she whispered to Kaci meaning every word of it.
“Well, then, I suggest you find someone else to mess with because if I ever see you doing that to her again I’ll put you ten feet under.”
A look of surprise came across Leena’s face. “Ten feet, huh?”
    “Yeah that way even the dogs won’t find you,” Kaci whispered back to her and then grabbed Cami’s arm. Cami glanced back at Leena and saw a startled look on her face before that all too familiar grin appeared once again. 

An Excerpt From Cami's Decision

As soon as Cami walked into class, she could feel her stomach tie up into knots which made her feel ill. Leena was sitting in her usual spot—the third row from the front—and as she gazed across the room, it looked as if she’d be walking for an eternity before she even made it to her seat in the seventh row.
“Loser approaching. Loser approaching,” she heard Leena whisper loudly as she passed her to make her way to her desk. She and her friends burst into fits of laughter until Ms. Morrison shushed them. None of the other students said a word because most of them were all too afraid of what would happen if they dared to get on Leena’s bad side. 

An Excerpt From Cami's Decision

She continued to watch Tammy without saying a word. She was waiting to see if her tongue would be quick to say something but it didn’t. So now it would be up to her to break the ice.
A brightly colored orange and black backpack caught her attention. She couldn’t imagine carrying such a hideous bag around campus. People probably would have mistaken her for a beautiful flower and she hated flowers because of her allergies. “Nice bag,” she said without looking up. Tammy didn’t get too happy; she knew that an insult must be around the corner. “It makes you look like a felon,” Kelly added, her eyes now meeting Tammy’s. And there it was.

An Excerpt From Cami's Decision

Kelly was growing more irritable by the minute and began popping her gum. Leena gave her an agitated look. She didn’t chew gum anymore because it made her hungry. Pop! She hated the sound of gum popping. Whenever Kelly did it, it sounded like fireworks.
“Stop popping that damn gum!” she demanded.
“What else do you want me to do? I’m sitting here wasting my time by waiting for a pregnant slut who’s late for lunch,” Kelly replied.
Leena rolled her eyes.                          
“This is the one thing that she’s supposed to be early for,” Kelly added. Her sister didn’t bother disputing her on that one. 

An Excerpt From Cami's Decision

    By the time they were eight years old, they were receiving monthly allowances that were more than enough to pay a mortgage on a home. After reaching their ninth birthday, both girls received diamond encrusted cell phones courtesy of their mother (without their father’s knowledge), and that was only the beginning. Exotic vacations around the world, private planes, and endless shopping sprees filled Leena and Kelly’s lives. After returning from their trips that many people could not afford to see, they would return to school to brag about their latest adventures.

An Excerpt From Cami's Decision

    Leena and Kelly Davidson have always lived a comfortable life. Neither girl has ever held a job nor did they intend to get one. All they wanted was to live off their parents’ money for their rest of their lives. What could be better than that? 

An Excerpt From Cami's Decision

    Although Leena and Kelly enjoyed eating the meals the chef prepared, they did not like him. Brody was a short, chubby, jolly fellow who prided himself on his work. Although Ridge insisted that he live in the guest house, Brody politely declined. Instead, he arrived at the house at 5:30 a.m. each morning to prepare breakfast for the family. His days were long so he wouldn’t leave until around 7 p.m. each night with the exception of weekends. He was never late nor did he miss a day. Cooking was his life. It was how he made his living, and he loved to prepare food for others. It was his love for his craft and determination that led him to work for some of the most prominent families in the Hattiesburg area. Some of his past clients included plastic surgeons, musicians, doctors, and politicians.
    Late one afternoon during a casual conversation at Denny’s, he mentioned to some of his past colleagues and friends that he was now working for Ridge and Kathy Davidson. Everyone at the table rolled their eyes upon hearing the name “Davidson” and warned him that the children were little monsters just like their mother. He had been working for the family for two weeks, and the children hadn’t given him any trouble so he figured that they were over exaggerating. Besides, he had dealt with snobby and rude children before so this wouldn’t be anything that he couldn’t handle. He didn’t know how wrong he was.
    The teasing began several weeks after Brody started working. Leena had made up a song she’d sing to ridicule him. “Fatty McPatty’s too ugly and fat to be my daddy,” she would sing. Hearing her say this about him made the chef want to call her every name in the book aloud, but he was on the job so he opted to only think such thoughts instead.
    Although he didn’t show it, it greatly affected Brody because he had battled weight issues as a child. The summer before he began high school, he cut out all soda and fast food from his diet and lost forty pounds. After entering high school, he was teased about his weight occasionally but had gained more self-esteem and confidence and silenced anyone who would dare mock his past pain.Next, Kelly started to bother him about how much money he made. She told him that he was poor and that she didn’t like poor people. Of course Leena would always add her Fatty McPatty rhyme into the mix. Brody did not want to alert Ridge of these happenings because from past experiences he knew that this would only make things worse. The parents would always take their children’s side because they were always right even when they were wrong. Sometimes Kathy would be within earshot but she wouldn’t intervene. Brody figured that she must be the one who taught Leena and Kelly how to be rude and disrespectful. Whenever their father was around, they were perfect little angels. Brody would not hear a peep out of them. Despite that he knew that the girls were sneaky and devilish just like their mother.
    The final straw for him was when Leena and Kelly put butter on the floor in the dining room and kitchen. He was carrying one pack of bacon and was about to get breakfast started when he suddenly felt his feet slip from beneath him. He slid from the dining room to the kitchen. While in the kitchen, he tried to grasp onto the counter so that he could lift himself up, but this time he fell onto his back, and then a bucket of pancake batter fell on top of him. He let out a loud shriek of pain while the girls laughed so hard that they held their sides. He was so full of anger that he cursed at the girls and Kathy. He was very respectful of women and children, but Kathy, Leena, and Kelly did not deserve respect. They made him miserable and he was the one who was providing a tasty service to them! A part of him wished that Ridge was there so that he could have seen what his so called precious little angels had done, but he figured that it would be of no use to try to prove to the man that his children were the cause of his injuries. There was one thing that Brody was certain of: he didn’t want to step foot into the Davidson household ever again. He didn’t return to work the next day. He sued and settled for an undisclosed amount of money.