Monday, May 1, 2017

An Excerpt From Cami's Decision

    Although Leena and Kelly enjoyed eating the meals the chef prepared, they did not like him. Brody was a short, chubby, jolly fellow who prided himself on his work. Although Ridge insisted that he live in the guest house, Brody politely declined. Instead, he arrived at the house at 5:30 a.m. each morning to prepare breakfast for the family. His days were long so he wouldn’t leave until around 7 p.m. each night with the exception of weekends. He was never late nor did he miss a day. Cooking was his life. It was how he made his living, and he loved to prepare food for others. It was his love for his craft and determination that led him to work for some of the most prominent families in the Hattiesburg area. Some of his past clients included plastic surgeons, musicians, doctors, and politicians.
    Late one afternoon during a casual conversation at Denny’s, he mentioned to some of his past colleagues and friends that he was now working for Ridge and Kathy Davidson. Everyone at the table rolled their eyes upon hearing the name “Davidson” and warned him that the children were little monsters just like their mother. He had been working for the family for two weeks, and the children hadn’t given him any trouble so he figured that they were over exaggerating. Besides, he had dealt with snobby and rude children before so this wouldn’t be anything that he couldn’t handle. He didn’t know how wrong he was.
    The teasing began several weeks after Brody started working. Leena had made up a song she’d sing to ridicule him. “Fatty McPatty’s too ugly and fat to be my daddy,” she would sing. Hearing her say this about him made the chef want to call her every name in the book aloud, but he was on the job so he opted to only think such thoughts instead.
    Although he didn’t show it, it greatly affected Brody because he had battled weight issues as a child. The summer before he began high school, he cut out all soda and fast food from his diet and lost forty pounds. After entering high school, he was teased about his weight occasionally but had gained more self-esteem and confidence and silenced anyone who would dare mock his past pain.Next, Kelly started to bother him about how much money he made. She told him that he was poor and that she didn’t like poor people. Of course Leena would always add her Fatty McPatty rhyme into the mix. Brody did not want to alert Ridge of these happenings because from past experiences he knew that this would only make things worse. The parents would always take their children’s side because they were always right even when they were wrong. Sometimes Kathy would be within earshot but she wouldn’t intervene. Brody figured that she must be the one who taught Leena and Kelly how to be rude and disrespectful. Whenever their father was around, they were perfect little angels. Brody would not hear a peep out of them. Despite that he knew that the girls were sneaky and devilish just like their mother.
    The final straw for him was when Leena and Kelly put butter on the floor in the dining room and kitchen. He was carrying one pack of bacon and was about to get breakfast started when he suddenly felt his feet slip from beneath him. He slid from the dining room to the kitchen. While in the kitchen, he tried to grasp onto the counter so that he could lift himself up, but this time he fell onto his back, and then a bucket of pancake batter fell on top of him. He let out a loud shriek of pain while the girls laughed so hard that they held their sides. He was so full of anger that he cursed at the girls and Kathy. He was very respectful of women and children, but Kathy, Leena, and Kelly did not deserve respect. They made him miserable and he was the one who was providing a tasty service to them! A part of him wished that Ridge was there so that he could have seen what his so called precious little angels had done, but he figured that it would be of no use to try to prove to the man that his children were the cause of his injuries. There was one thing that Brody was certain of: he didn’t want to step foot into the Davidson household ever again. He didn’t return to work the next day. He sued and settled for an undisclosed amount of money.

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